Itchy scalp, hair fall, greasy hair, hair loss, split ends–they have attachment issues. Who are they attached to? Me. I’ve always believed that our hair is our crown, the key to our confidence. It says a lot when many of us would go on an endless survey to find the perfect hairstylist; we just can’t afford to have ugly hair. Not when it literally shapes our image! But sometimes even with the perfect haircut, our hair just still continues to be uncooperative in perfecting the ideal look we’re going for. 

People tell me all the time about the secret to getting a healthy scalp and hair. Well, what is it?

Believe it or not, it’s all about balance.

Our scalp–which is just like our skin–produces sebum (natural oil) to assist the development of healthy scalp and hair. In order for us to get healthy hair and scalp, we need to make sure the production of sebum on our scalp is balanced. 

Besides, how our hair looks starts from the condition of our scalp. If the scalp is too dry, it’ll itch and our hair will become weak and brittle as the layers of our hair strands don’t have enough moisture to keep closed and naturally our hair will split apart or worse, fall out. 

But if the scalp is too oily, our pores will be clogged and these will prevent new hair from growing besides making our hair fall out.

This also indicates that we should use shampoos that suit us so here are my personal recommendations for you to try out. Who knows? Maybe they’ll help your scalp and hair out like they did mine ;)

Maro has made sure its brand is all about that balance. Defenscalp is included in their shampoos that helps eliminate our common scalp enemy; alpha reductase, malassezia fungi, and DHT (male sex hormone that causes hair loss), to restore the natural balance of our scalp and ensure a healthy growth of voluminous hair. The ones below are my personal favourites; 

✅Thoroughly cleanses the excess oil on my scalp
✅Got necessary nutrients my hair and scalp need. They helped my hair grow stronger ;)
✅Refreshing smell that gives me confidence after usage 
✅Has a cooler version (no pun intended) that's suitable for hot and humid weather: Maro 3D Volume Up Shampoo Cool 


✅ Medicated for those with scalp concerns (like me).
✅Leaves my scalp squeaky clean and moisturised.
✅No more itchiness, dandruff, and odour which I struggled A LOT with. 
✅Also has a cooler version if you're up for that cooling sensation post-usage: Maro Deo Scalp Cool Shampoo 

These shampoos are more suitable for those struggling with dry hair. Remember: dry hair means our scalp may be lacking the micronutrient it needs. What micronutrient I’m talking about? It starts with a ‘B’ and ends with a ‘tin’. BIOTIN: vitamin B7 or vitamin H which is crucial for providing moisture to our body. 

✅Has biotin ;)
✅Formulated with 10 selected plant-derived superfoods that provide the necessary nutrients our scalp needs.
✅Gentle lime and lavender scent (good for stress relief)

This biotin-carrier shampoo allows me to revitalise my scalp after a long, tiring day under the Malaysian heat that makes my scalp oily, smelly, overwhelmed. But what if you have a dry scalp and need something that’s non-drying? Don’t worry, Superfood Lab makes sure to cater to those struggling with dry scalp too!

Superfood Lab Biotin + Oil Shampoo

✅High percentage of moisturising natural oil to ensure that our dry scalp is left clean AND moisturised post-shower
✅Also has biotin in it ;)
✅Harmonious floral and citrus scent based in Neroli mixed with that amazing, uplifting Jasmine scent. 


✅Thoroughly clean my scalp; remove that unwanted, pore-clogging sebum that causes hair odour and greasy-looking hair.
✅Soothing, relaxing scent that uplifts my mood
✅Silicone-free which prevents my hair from getting dry and brittle

✅Formulated with conditioner in it so I don’t have to worry about my hair being dry afterwards ;)
✅Saves my time in the shower as I can lessen the steps to my haircare routine
✅Also silicone-free so I don’t have to worry about any residue post-shower

There you have it, people!  No more itchy scalp, greasy or dull hair, or even hair loss with the help of Maro, Superfood Lab, and Sunstar Tonic. Grab them and have a fabulous hair day, every day!

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