5 Essential Skincare Products To Pack for My Short Trip

Ever felt like you wish you could bring your whole house with you as you travel, because you don’t wanna leave anything behind? Especially any holy-grail-skincare so as to not disrupt the usual skincare steps or routine? Bestie don’t worry, I got your back. From a skincare girlie to another, I’ll be listing down the ESSENTIALS I’d usually bring in my travel makeup bag ;)

Let’s get into it!


The first one is none other than Face Cleansers–a NEED before starting any skincare routine there is. Besides, we all know how overwhelming travelling can be. Sometimes we just want to lay on our bed and pass out, but bestie, we are not going to sleep with a dirty face, we are better than that! To start, we need to remove all that gunk off of our face. If you wear layers of makeup like me (cus I want to look on point), I would recommend double cleansing. 

Double cleansing is SO good to achieve that squeaky clean face. Normally, I would start with a cleansing balm, followed by a cleansing paste. 


First cleanse: Removes our makeup and excess oil

Second cleanse: Removes dirt residue. It’s a plus if you use a cleanser that can exfoliate dead skin cells.


  • Oil-based cleansers and how they work is that the oil basically melts away our makeup (even waterproof ones). 
  • Oil attracts oil so it’ll cleanse excess oil and leave our skin refreshed anew. 
  • Has an oil-based formula that never betrays our skin with that painful dryness post-cleansing.


These are my recommendations: 


There are three types of Rosette Cleansing Balms: Sea Clay, White Clay, Red Clay

These precious cleansing balms;

  • Contain clay in them to assist with that thorough make-up removal process.
  • Smell SO GOOD. Rose, citrus, fruit flower tea scents–they’re so relaxing and uplifting.
  • Paraben, phenoxyethanol, ethanol, synthetic polymer, sulfate, colorant, talc-free (they don’t irritate my skin nor cause unwanted physical reactions)
  • Come with a little spatula that eases my usage (yay). 

Personally, I’m a Sea Clay type of gal. I’ve noticed vast improvements with my pores after I started using this cleansing balm! It always thoroughly cleanses the oil and dirt from my pores, leaving my skin super smooth and moisturised afterwards. I received compliments about this too!

Flashback: How my face looks every time I see my large pores pre-rosette cleansing balm.


There are a variety of Rosette Cleansing Pastes that serve different purposes but in general, what's good about these facial cleansers is that they are;

  • formulated with clay so they'll exfoliate dead skin cells and any dirt residue left from the first cleanse. 
  • Colorant and mineral oil-free: these bad boys may cause skin irritation and clog up our pores so it's best to avoid them. 

So many colours and confused on which one to pick? Let me make it easy for you;

  • Red for those with wrinkles and dryness
  • Green if you struggle with large pores 
  • Pink for dry and sensitive skin (my favourite)
  • Blue for acne-prone skin

Rosette’s got your back like a parent with a variety of bandaid in the first aid-kit. As always, you can find these cleansing pastes at tokyoninki.com


Face toners are basically the primer for skincare. Nowadays, toners function to;

  • REMOVE DIRT and REPLENISH our skin (depending on the benefits of the toner we’re using) and at the same time,
  • PREP our skin to ensure the skincare products we use afterwards would penetrate our skin on a deeper level. Yay! 

For toners, I can only recommend Tokyoninki’s best selling toner: Naturie Hatomugi Lotion. Unlike most other toners, this Hatomugi toner;

  • Is an all-in-one skincare product. It can be used as a toner, mask, setting spray and body lotion. 
  • Is hypoallergenic, alcohol, fragrance, and colorant-free so it’s the BEST thing for sensitive skin
  • Combats the annoying, unwanted hyperpigmentation people used to assume….were my moles (THEY’RE NOT😭). 

So many benefits just from one toner that’s like 500ml for a bottle (which is A LOT) and don’t worry about having to carry the big bottle of toner while travelling. In Tokyoninki, if you buy this bundle pack, we will provide you with a FREE travel-sized mist bottle. Just pour the toner inside the mist bottle and voila! You’re ready to go! 


Moisturising is important to lessen our chances of getting any skin concerns like extreme oiliness or dryness that can eventually cause acne. Think of our skin as a mediator: if it’s too dry after being cleansed, it’ll secrete LOTS of sebum (oil) that could eventually clog our pores and cause acne. Therefore, moisturiser comes in handy to tell our skin “Hey, I already moisturise it so you can relax a bit when secreting that sebum.” and naturally, we’ll face less problems related to skin acne. 

How I feel after I put on moisturiser.


I’m getting on one knee to present you with…*raises palms* ORBIS DEFENCERA 


It’s definitely my go-to skincare product right now. The product;

  • Traps moisture for our whole body from within.
  • Doesn’t have to be consumed with water and it’s only to be consumed once daily
  • Have two delicious flavours: Yuzu (tastes like grapefruit and hints of mandarin orange) or Peach (MY FAVOURITE)

I can preserve moisture from head to toe within the skin in 5 seconds just with this edible moisturiser. What’s good is that after consuming this, I no longer have to worry about dry, rough skin, wrinkles, flaky skin, cracked heels or dull skin. 

Besides, it’s definitely travel-friendly. It’s lightweight and it doesn’t take up too much space in my bag. SLAY!


Sunburns are not to be played with, especially if we want to maintain that youthful appearance and most importantly, healthy skin in general. Sunburns can;

  • Lead to premature wrinkling or signs of ageing such as discoloration and fine lines or worse, skin cancer, if we often get sunburns. 
  • Damage the DNA in our skin cells which will then lead to skin cancer so wear your sunscreen people! 


There are varieties of sunscreens out there that could provide us with the necessary protection. But today, as I am focusing more on what’s essential for travels, I personally would like to recommend my favourites….*opens mystery box*

No, my favourite sunscreen is not the cat but…


There are two types of ORBIS sunscreens: the light version and the moist version (my fav). What’s good about these two is that they;

  • Give me a smooth and glowy finish. My pores? Concealed? My skin? Moisturised.
  • Non-comedogenic so I don’t need to worry about getting my pores clogged (Yay!)

I’ve always known it’s best to  include them in my travel makeup bag especially when I need something to protect my skin as soon as I’ve rid all of the products away with the cleansing balm earlier. These sunscreens ALWAYS give me that finished look and instantly freshen up my appearance despite the exhaustion or fatigue that would usually consume me from within and make me look tired during my travels. 

So there you have it, travelers! Hope these essentials are neatly packed in the travel makeup bag before the next trip ;)

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