ORA2 Premium Cleansing Floss Unflavoured Type

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● Pull an appropriate amount of floss and clean between the teeth

● Use at least once a day 

● Polish the stains (coloured stains) on the edges of the teeth 

● Restore the original whiteness of the teeth 

● Handy and smart-looking in a pretty lipstick-like case 

● Made of multiple twisting fibers 

Contains Silica: cleansing agent that is coated on the floss.

ORA2 Premium Cleansing Floss is a dental floss that provides stain care The ‘stain care’ feature of floss brings out novelty and increases appeal, making floss attractive to people who have not been interested in interdental care until now. It is a new oral care product that can be used in ocassions like outside/office/bath time and relax time etc.

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