Nepia Hana Celeb Soft Tissues Box (1 box / 3 boxes)

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● Protect delicate & sensitive skin

● Ultra soft with rich moisture

● Triple moisturizing effect

● No fluorescent dyes are used

● Made of 100% fresh pulp


● Pulp (cellulose)

● Wetting agents

● Softeners

● Moisturizers


200 pulls (2-ply) X 1 box

200 pulls (2-ply) X 3 boxes


● To maintain its moisturizing effect, avoid exposing the tissue paper to direct sunlight or leaving it in a hot car for an extended period of time.

● Do not flush this tissue; it doesn't dissolve easily.

● Keep away from fire to avoid combustion risk.

● Be careful with perforations to avoid cuts.

● The tissue paper easily absorbs odors, so store it carefully.

● Don't use tissue on glasses or it may cause fogging.

● Stop use if it irritates your skin.

The texture is like wearing a veil of moisture with a touch as soft as silk. Nepia's unique "triple moisturizing" and "plant-derived squalane" facial tissue from Japan provides unprecedented rich moisture. It's perfect not only for colds and pollen season, but also for delicate skin care. Always keep your nose beautiful. From now on, you too are a "nose celebrity".

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