Haba Perfect Foaming Net II

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1. Lightly wet the foaming net with cold or lukewarm water, and apply the cleanser to the net. (Suggested amount to use: Pour SQUA POWDER WASH by shaking the bottle two or three times; or squeeze out 1 to 2 cm of SQUA FACIAL FOAM.)


2. Hold the knot part of the net tightly between your fingers and create a lather by rubbing the net.


3. Squeeze out the foam, and apply to your face.

  • Easily lathers with any type of cleanser such as bar, powder or foam soap.
  • Fine lather wraps around your face to adsorb dead skin cells and dirt clogged in pores.
  • Gently washes without straining your skin.


Net: PE

Sponge: PU



  • The net should be used to create a lather only. Do not use the net to wash your face.
  • Use the ring to hang the net on a hook for drying. As you lather, do not insert your finger into the ring to hold it; instead hold the net between your fingers.
  •  Do not pull the net hard, or the mesh may become distorted or damaged.
  •  Wash the net with soap before using for the first time.
  •  Rinse the net thoroughly with water after use, and let it dry in the shade.
  • Keep it clean until the next use.

• Net material

The net part is softer with a smaller mesh size. Easy to lather, creating a dense foam.

• Sponge

The sponge size has been reduced by 1 mm, and the number reduced from 20 to 10.

This is another secret to creating a dense foam.

• Manufacturing process

Multilayered nets help create a dense foam quickly.

• Knot part

The tie band was changed to a rubber band to enhance safety and strength.

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