Pearl Coix: The Japanese Secret to Timeless Beauty

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“Yokuinin” or “Hatomugi” is Japanese for coix seed -- its also affectionately known as Job’s Tears or Coix Lacryma-jobi if you want to be scientifically accurate. Indigenous originally to South-East Asia, it is now grown worldwide.

pearl coix plant

Fun fact -- Leonardo da Vinci actually drew a pearl coix plant in one of the earliest botanical drawings ever made.

For centuries, pearl coix has been associated with beauty and has even been mentioned in books detailing the beauty rituals of Geishas. Scouring ancient East Asian texts, pearl coix is often touted to offer both beauty and medicinal properties i.e. brighten skin, detoxifies, removes heat and smoothes skin.

The Japanese refer to nice skin as mochi-hada, a reference to ultra soft and plump Japanese desserts. While Western methods promote aggressive exfoliation and harsh formulas, the Japanese have a nourishing philosophy evolving around the concept of softness, which is a reoccuring theme in our pearl coix products.

The following are 5 products that contain this centuries-old secret

hatomugi lotionNaturie Hatomugi Gel

A crowd favourite that leaves the skin dewy and hydrated, without feeling oily or sticky. Can also be used as a toner, leaving skin moisturized, clear and radiant all-day long.

FINE Coix Seed Beauty Tablets (60g)

A beauty supplement blended with Vitamin C, providing your skin the foundations to keep it in a healthy and beautiful condition.

FINE Organic Pearl Coix Extract Powder (170g)

A 100% pure organic extract of Pearl Coix without any auxiliary substances. Reduces melanin and brightens your skin naturally, also helps eliminate water retention and treats skin diseases like acne and swellings.

Utena Magiabotanica Skin Conditioner Lotion (500ml)

A light, non-sticky formula with Job’s Tears and 6 additional botanical extracts to refresh and hydrate skin, keeping it silky smooth.

Utena Premium Puresa Golden Jelly Mask (33g x 3)

Contains 33g of Golden Jelly goodness in each sheet to give you supple, smooth and hydrated skin. Infused with a combination of pearl powder, collagen and pearl coix that deeply nourishes your skin, resulting in radiant and brighter skin.

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