Skinvill Hot Cleansing Gel 200G


Skinvill hot cleansing gel is a Japanese moisturizing facial wash and pore cleanser that removes makeup, oil and other residues without damaging your skin.

This hot cleansing gel is packed with more than 20 beauty ingredients including many hydrating and soothing ingredients such as; aloe vera, green tea extract, chamomile, rosemary, honey, and royal jelly, among others. So you really do not need a moisturizer at all after using this cleansing gel.

The gel warms up as you massage it into the skin, removing heavy impurities and other dirt from the pores. Furthermore, it does not require double-cleansing.

It has a light orange scent.

Take an appropriate amount of gel and apply it all over the face and massage for one minute approximately.

Once the make-up comes up to the surface of the skin, thoroughly rinse the gel with water.

Skinvill hot cleansing gel can be used as an in-shower mask.

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