SHO-BI Double Eyelid Tape

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1. Please wipe off sebum and the dirt of eyelids.
2. Tear off a protection paper.
3. With tweezers, please tear off tape from the edge carefully. Bend a mount lightly and can easily tear it off when you float the edge of tape.
4.Put tape on the line where you want to make double line with tweezers. Hold the eyelids quietly.
5.Open your eyes and adjust a double line.
* If the tape is long, please cut it from the edge of outer.



1. Moisten cotton and put it on the eyelid.
2. When the tape includes water and becomes easy to tear off, please remove the tape carefully.
3. After remove the tape, tone the skin with skin lotion.
*When you use this eye tape, please read the caution for the use written in the front of this paper and Please use it definitely.

- Double-sided tape
- Transparent and natural looking
- Easy to remove with tweezer
- Water and sweat resistant



Use only for intended purpose./ Person with weak or sensitive skin, person who has allergies do not use this product./ When you feel abnormality on skin, stop using it./ If the abnormality such as a rash, an inflammation appears, please stop using it and please see a dermatologist./When you use tweezers or cut tape, please be careful not to damage your eyes or eyelid./When you remove the tape, you must apply cotton moisten with water on the eyelid and tear off the tape carefully./ Please avoid using it for a long time continuously./ Please keep it out of reach of children./ Please keep away it from heat, humidity, and direct sunlight.

Slim type double eyelid tape that comes with an useful twezers for convenient application. Contains 68 pieces so you can use up to 34 times.

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