SCENTIO Milk Plus Bright & White Mineral Spray (50ml)

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Keeping the eyes closed, hold the can 30 cm away from the skin and spray onto the area in the fine mist. It can be used over or under makeup, to fix the make-up or as often as necessary to refresh and oil control.


-Marine extract 


Mineral Water Spray with extracts of natural mineral water from France and pure milk protein. A Fine Mist Spray to be gentle on face, deep penetration into the skin. Replenishes water that is absorbed and lost during the day to the skin. Alcohol and Fragrance-Free. Enriched with minerals that are beneficial to the skin and Coenzyme Q10. Antioxidants help slow down aging, Contains Marine C extract of Thiopeptide from sea to reduce the cause of acne, zinc, collagen, and vitamins for Skin Care. Provide cool and relaxing, shine, oil control. Can be used over the make-up, the skin naturally looks brightening and healthy.

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