ORA2 ME Stain Clear Toothbrush (Soft / Medium)

RM11.30 RM11.90
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Bristle Type:

● Gently brush the teeth with toothpaste 

● Bristles are coated with antibacterial agent Chlorohexidine (CHX)
● Unique 2-layered square bristles to hold toothpaste more effectively and removes stains easily
● Soft outer layer for gentle contact with teeth 
● Sturdy core to firmly remove stains 


A change in the cut and weaving of bristles. The new design of Ora2 me Stain Clear Toothbrush from Japan maintains the right balance between stain clear bristles and nylon bristles. The increased features produces 1.8 times more efficient stain removal than normal toothbrushes. Medium strength bristles.


**Random colours will be given**

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