MOSH! Oven Toaster

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● Place your food on the provided tray or in the middle if there's space
● Adjust the temperature and timer according to your recipe
● Turn off at the plug once finished

The Oven Toaster can be used to reheat, bake, broil, toast, brown, roast and defrost small amounts of foods such as bread, pizza, rice cake, chips, butter rolls and etc.



● Do not touch or place anything on top of the main unit during or after use.

● Do not cook foods with shells such as Eggs, chestnuts or any fully sealed shell food as it may explode.

● Be sure to use a tray while defrosting products as frozen products may explode due to internal thermal expansion.

● Do not cook or fry raw meat or seafood directly with oil.

● It is equipped with temperature adjustment function, the heater will automatically turn on or off repeatedly during use, this is normal.

● Do not use the product near any combustibles or flammable objects.

● Do not leave the main unit unattended during use. Keep out of reach of children.

● Clean your tray and inside of the oven after usage and when the toaster oven has cooled down. Small splashes and crumbs can be fire hazards or breeding ground for bacterias if built up over time

● Heat can build up around the toaster so do keep it in a cool dry place without flammable materials nearby or items that can melt i.e. plastic



● 1 Year Local Supplier Warranty (

● Minimalist Design/ Aesthetically Pleasing
● Space-saving Design
● 15 minutes and 4 Adjustable Heat Levels
● Breadcrumb Tray for Easy Cleaning
● Toast up to 2 breads at a time
● Electric cord length: 1.1m
● Power consumption: 1000W

Stainless steel, polypropylene, rubber

Oven toaster, one of the most indispensable kitchen appliances in life, but it usually takes up a lot of space. The well-integrated compact design and intuitive usage of Mosh! Oven Toaster fills just the right amount of space and upgrades the aesthetics of your kitchen space at the same time.

Mosh! Oven Toaster is easy to use. Each come with only two knobs: one to adjust the temperature and another one is timer. It can fit up to two slices of toast, more than enough for you to have a quick breakfast before work every day. The removable tray at the bottom catches any crumbs and spillage to make cleaning easy.

Apart from toast, you can use it to bake cookies and even cook small meat products such as chicken breast for a simple meal.

For Mosh! electronics warranty issue, please visit the link below for more info:

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