MOSH! Latte Tumbler with Straw (480ml)

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Pour your favourite drink or have your favourite cafe pour you one. Keeps warm or cold up to 6 hours.

Can be used in two ways 
● drink with a straw
● directly drink with mouthpiece






Stainless steel



Height 17.8cm×9.5cm  

Heat retention:over 47 degree(6 hours) 

Cold retention: below 11 degree(6 hours) 

Weight: 290g 


Trendy design inspired from cafe style paper cups. 

2Way use: directly drink / drink with straw 

The straw can be detached for easy cleaning

Inner bottle: stainless steel, 
body: stainless steel, 
Tumbler's mouth: polypropylene,
Lid: polypropylene / thermoplastic elastomer,
Lid's Stopper gasket, Mouth's stopper gasket, straw, straw connector: silicon



● Ensure that the stopper gasket is attached firmly.
● Make sure that the lid set is closed firmly.
● Keep away from heat sources such as gas stoves.
● Do not heat in a microwave oven.
● Do not put the bottle inside a freezer.
● Fill the beverage less than the bottom edge of lid set.
● Do not drop or hit against hard surfaces or allow an impact shock on the body.
● Do not boil the main body and the lid set.
● Do not use a dishwasher and dish-dryer.



● 1 Year Local Supplier Warranty (



Mosh! Latte Tumbler With Straw design is inspired by paper cups from the coffee shop. It is a portable tumbler with a straw that can be washed and used repeatedly, so that users can easily promote environmentally friendly activities without throwing it away. You can drink with a straw or directly from the mouthpiece.


It also has a waterproof structure, so it can brave the environment when you carry it around. Contains a reusable silicone straw that can be used over and over again and can be detached for easy cleaning. The mosh! Latte series is also inspired by the enamel kettle that has been loved in Japan for a long time. The warm texture that you can feel from the soft luster peculiar to enamel is incorporated to create a retro feel. Available in 7 trendy colors.

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