MOSH! Latte Tabletop Tank (1.3L)

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  • Open mosh latte tabletop tank by pressing button on both sides of lid, and then removing lid from the tank. 
  • When the direction of lid and body is aligned, the lid can be closed with a simple press to keep heat or cold, and avoid leakage.

  • Keep heat: 10 hours (more than 69℃)
  • Keep cold:10 hours (less than 9℃)
  • Made with stainless steel 304 material - safe and strong corrosion resistance
  • One-touch button - pour with only one push
  • Large diameter opening - easy to add ice and easy to clean
  • Leak-proof: wouldn't spill out even when tipped over 
  • Convenient turning in stationary position with turntable base



Main body: Stainless steel

Outer body: Stainless steel (Acrylic resin coating)

Lid: Polypropylene

Handle: Polypropylene

Rotation ring at bottom: Polypropylene

Lever on the lid: ABS plastic

Rubber seal: silicone



Not dishwasher nor microwave safe. Do not put in freezer. Please hand wash.






188mm (D) x 209mm (H)

Mosh! Latte Tabletop Tank 1.3L is a large-capacity double-walled thermal insulated stylish pot that will keep your drinks hot (over 69 degrees) or cold (below 9 degrees) for over 10 hours. A turntable base makes it easy to turn the tank for convenient pours. Large diameter opening makes it easy to clean or add ice. Comes in Mocha & White colour.

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