Graphico Manpuku Diet Support Candy 42G [3 Types To Choose]

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Manpuku Graphico Diet Support Candy - This magic basil seed in each candy will expand 30 times when it get in touch with water! This candy contains basil seed which helps to reduce appetite. When basil seed absorbs water, it swells 30 times more than before it absorbs water. It swells more than chia seed does! Also contains beauty support ingredients: dietary fiber and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) and polyphenol. Comes in 11pcs/packet


  • Take this candy when you are craving for food before or after a meal.
  • The feeling of fulfilling varies with people, please use this product as a dietary control product
  • Please maintain a balanced diet when taking this product
  • Have to consume at least 300cc of water.
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