[B1F1] MAIDENVILLE Maskne Face Mist 50ML

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After cleanse, spray 3-5 times on face, gently pat off excess spray.
Usage Recommendation: 2 - 3 times or whenever necessary to provide care for long hour wear of face mask.

Suitable to be used as a set-up finishing and hydration, gently spray sufficient amount onto face.

Spray generously onto hair for frizz prevention and scalp for refresh. Frequent usage promotes healthy luster.

Spray on blemish prone areas, such as chest, back and thigh. Gently pat on areas after spray for better absorption.

●Soothing and hydrating
●Oil free, additive free, fragrance free and alcohol free
●pH 12.2
●Kills 99.9% of bacteria
●Suitable for sensitive skin
●Japan formulated technology 

Purified aqua, Alkaline electrolized water.
Product Warning, stop usage if any skin abnormalities appear. 

MAIDENVILLE face mist is an activated water solution for maskne prevention. It controls and provides protection to acne, blemishes, and skin irritation caused by extended usage of mask—especially medical, N95, or cloth face masks.

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