LEMONA Easy Vitamin Recharge

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Tear off to disclose the package along the guided line and simply pour the Vitamin powder directly into your mouth.



  • Support immune functions and prevent colds
  • Increase collagen production to protect bones, muscles, skin
  • Counter Fatigue
  • Reduce Melasma and freckles
  • Recover health during illness or while recovering
  • Boost Metabolism



Powdered sugar, Vitamin C 26.038%, Mannitol Lactose (Germany), Flavoring (Lemon Flavor), Hydroxypropyl Cellulose, Vitamin B6 HCI 0.275%, Vitamin B2 0.125%, Contains Milk



If you have any allergies, please check the ingredient list before eating. Be careful when opening as pouch may cause cuts, and content may fall out when opening. Be careful if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Children should eat under adult supervision. This product was produced in a facility that processes products such as eggs, poultry, beans, wheat, crabs, shrimp, peaches, and beef.


7.5CM (L) X 7.5CM (W) X 10.5CM(H)


Powder (2g x 30 pouch)

Lemona Easy Vitamin Recharge

Lemona has been the flagship brand of Kyungnam Pharm since they released the first powder-type Vitamin C in South Korea in 1983. Since then it's been cherished by consumers as an enduring and trusted brand. Lemona has become a distinguished Korean product that has attained its share of the limelight in overseas markets as an inner-beauty product.

Lemona is Korea’s best-selling Vitamin C product. The product is manufactured under advanced technology with micro vitamin powder composed of 300,000 grains. Our ascorbic acid is clinically coated, which significantly reduces oxidation compared to regular ascorbic acid.

Helps in palliative care and relief of melasma and freckles. Promotes recovery of fatigue and anti-ageing through antioxidants. Helps reduce fatigue and recovery during or after illness. Supports immune functions and helps prevent colds, and most importantly can be taken anywhere, anytime even without water.

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