Haba Squalane (15mL/30mL/60mL)

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  • While face and hands are still wet with toner moisture, take one drop in the palm of your hand. Spread over the palms of your hands and smooth it over the entire face by wrapping both hands around your face for five seconds.
  • Your face will feel moisturized in two to three minutes. If your face feels too wet, it means too much SQUALANE has been applied. If your face feels stiff or dry, you need to apply more SQUALANE. Adjust the amount depending on your skin condition.
  • The amount to be used should be adjusted according to the season, and your skin type and age.
  • Colorless, odorless, gentle
  • Exfoliating action: Prevents keratin hardening, smooth cell metabolism
  • Skin respiration stimulant: Activates skin metabolism
  • Assimilation effect: Merges with sebum, aids in emulsification
  • Vehicle effect: Enhances penetration of other products
  • Softening effect: Natural skin softener
  • High-temperature resistance: No oxidation or quality change


Squalane 100% (shark-liver derived, 99.9% purity) 









  • As HABA’s Squalane is highly purified and has an excellent permeability to skin, when it is applied to skin abundantly for the first time, it activates skin metabolism to promote corneum renewal rapidly, resulting in the skin roughness and desquamation. Please follow the right step for washing/ cleansing face and start with a smaller volume of Squalane and keep using. Continuous right application will renew your skin.
  • If you got a rash, It is a sign that you applied Squalane excessively. Cool down skin by water to recover. After 2-3 day interval, resume Squalane from a smaller amount.
  • If your skin was originally dehydrated, excessive Squalane may lead to too oily skin, resulting in further dryness. Please apply moisturizing toner abundantly, then apply Squalane a little.
  • For those who has been used skin cream for long years or who has been using many types of skincare products in a mixed way, skin may feel rough or dry only when starting Squalane, because those skins have lost their natural healing power.

HABA’s original squalane oil is a dry and smooth beauty oil that is gentle to the skin. This supreme beauty oil helps maintain healthy skin, restore it from damage, and impart a beautiful glow. The weightless formula ensures immediate absorption, providing a smooth and light feel on your skin. Provides the perfect vehicle for the rest of your skincare.

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