GUM Kids 2-6 Years Old Oral Care Pack

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Gum Kids Toothpaste For 7-12yrs Old

● Only use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush

● Gently brush the teeth and do not swallow


Gum Kids Toothbrush #76

● Gently brush the teeth with toothpaste

Gum Kids Toothpaste For 2-6yrs Old

● Contains 498ppm Fluoride + Isomalt

● Benefit of isomalt

● 4X Faster in remineralization of teeth

● 4X Protection for stronger teeth

● No SLS, low foaming & low irritation


Gum Kids Toothbrush #76

● Simple and hygienic design

● Soft Bristles gentle to gums

● Small head to reach the molar teeth

● Effective removal of plaque

Gum Kids Toothpaste For 2-6yrs Old

Fluoride, Isomalt

Oral Care Pack

Gum Toothpaste Grape For 2-6yrs (70g) - 1x
Gum Toothpaste Strawberry For 2-6yrs (70g) - 1x
Gum Toothbrush For Permanent Teeth #76 For 3-6yrs Old - 1x

GUM Kids Toothpaste for 2-6yrs Old

GUM Kids Toothpaste for 2-6 Year is a combination of Isomalt and 498ppm Fluoride helps build stronger teeth & provides greater protection against tooth decay. It gives 4x protection for stronger teeth. Available in 2 yummy flavors: Grape & Strawberry.

GUM Kids Toothbrush #76

A co-developed with Japan Dental Hygienist— the toothbrush features soft bristles specifically designed for effective plaque removal especially in children with growing permanent teeth. It's small head size and shorter handle are suitable for 3-6 years old

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