GESKE MicroCurrent Face-Lifter | 6 in 1

RM224.90 RM249.90
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● Experience a pain-free 5 minute lifting experience whenever you want 

● Use MicroCurrent to trigger your skin into using its own renewal potential to the fullest 

● 3-in-1: Lifts, Firms & Tones your skin 

● 5 MicroCurrent lifting modes

Zinc Alloy, Silicone, ABS

The SmartAppGuided™ MicroCurrent Facial Lifter uses multiple top-of-the-line proprietary technologies to give you both a complete facial and a workout for your skin and face muscles. Gliding the Ultra-Gentle Contouring & Firming Spheres across your skin triggers small microcurrents that push the skin to build more collagen, repair elastin to firm and tighten your face. At the same time, our Anti-Aging Massage Technology and SmartSonic Pulsation Technology work deeply on your pores where they help with a better blood circulation, clean out the toxins and ease facial tension. The result? Smoother, softer skin that just glows.

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