Fuwa Marshmallow Foot 1'pair


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Fuwa Marshmallow Foot is a foot peeling pack made to remove thick, hardened dead skin cells of the foot, like corn and calluses. It helps in skin whitening & moisturizing.


  • Cut the plastic by scissor from the top (as shown in the illustration from above), be careful not to spill the gel lotion inside the plastic socks.
  • Wear the plastic socks, adjust the adhesive tape to enclose securely.
  • Spread the gel lotion inside the plastic by massaging your feet, then wait for an hour.
  • After 60 min. take off the plastic. Rinse your feet thoroughly. Wash your hands afterward.
  • In 2-7 days you will notice the peeling of the skin.
  • And voila! A rosy, baby like feet in just 7 days!
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