FINE Organic Pearl Coix Extract Powder 100% Travel Pack (30pcs)

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Take 1-2 sachets daily with cold or warm water. The taste will be more delicious if you put it into coffee, tea, milk or other favorite beverages.




*Brightening and reduce pigmentation
*Diuretic & reduce swelling
*Improve immunity

Organic Pearl Coix Extract



• Please reduce the consuming amount or stop consuming if the product does not suit your health condition.
• This product is not suitable to be taken during menstruation and pregnancy.
• Due to the natural ingredients, the taste, color, smell and appearance of the product might be different for different manufacture batch, but it does not affect the quality and safety of the product.
• Maintain your balance meal with intake of the staple food, vegetables and fruits.

A variant of FINE Organic Pearl Coix Extract Powder now in easy-to-use sachets to equip you with the convenience of having your daily Pearl Coix fix anywhere, anytime.

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