FINE Clam Extract Turmeric Gold 90 Tablets

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Take 5 tablets a day with cold or warm water.



  • Liver hydrolysate from domestic healthy pork liver
  • Domestic clam extract and curcumin which support the action of the liver hydrolysate
  • 7mg of zinc which is 100% of sufficiency rates of the day
  • The pouch is zipper-type bag which makes it easy to carry around.



Safflower Oil, Gelatin, Liver Hydrolysate, Zinc Ferment, Clam extract, Turmeric Extract, Ornithine, Turmeric Powder, Glycerin, Glazing agent(Beeswax),Emulsifier(Glycerin-fatty acid ester), Caramel Coloring, Antioxidant(Vitamin E),Vitamin B₁, Vitamin B₂, Vitamin B₆(A part of these materials includes soybeans)



Made out of clam extract, turmeric, and liver hydrolysate, to neutralize the effects of alcohol drinking. Designed to protect your liver, boost your immune system, and prevent cardiovascular diseases associated with alcohol.

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