Fine Clam Extract Turmeric Gold 90 Tablets

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A man of today lives a life with many burdens on the body, which includes an unbalanced diet and drinking alcohol a lot. This product supports those lifestyle to be healthy.
  • liver hydrolysate from domestic healthy pork liver
  • domestic clam extract and curcumin which support the action of the liver hydrolysate
  • 7mg of zinc which is 100 % of sufficiency rates of the day
  • The pouch iszipper-typebag which is convenient for carryingaroud.
Take 5tablets a day with cold or warm water.
safflower oil, Gelatin, Liver hydrolysate, Zinc ferment, Clam extract, Turmeric extract, Ornitine, Turmeric powder, Glycerin, Glazing agent(Beeswax),
Emulsifier(Glycerin-fatty acid ester), Caramel color, Antioxidant(Vitamin E),Vitamin B₁,Vitamin B₂, Vitamin B₆(A part of these materials includes soybeans)
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