Eyelid Trainer ~ Japan newest beauty technology ~
“双眼皮眼镜” ~日本最新科技~

Just wearing it for 5 minutes a day for natural beautiful double eyelid. No surgery needed!

While you’re enjoying your television show, cooking dishes, or bath time...

  • A soft nylon wire
  • No more troublesome glue paste or sticker.
  • No more worry for the eyelid skin will get wrinkles cause by applying glue or sticker.
  • Eyewear type. Just wear on it. Fast and easy.
  • You don’t have to waste any time in the morning, just easily starting it with the eyelid training.
  • Adjustable. Can fit on any type of faces.
  • Help you to create a natural curve or any pattern you like.
  • How to use the instruction book will be attached to the product. Please read and keep the book well before start using.




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