EYE PUTTI Double Eyelid Liquid Tape (9.5ml)

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  • Before apply the formula, use cotton pad to clean the upper eyelid to remove access sebum or dirt.
  • Use the applicator to slightly push the desired part where you want to double up the eyelids.
  • Apply the formula onto your eyelids 3 - 5mm above your lashlines.
  • Wait for the formula to dry.
  • For EYELID GLUE 8ML: When the glue becomes almost transparent, use the applicator to slightly push the eyelids upwards.
  • Look up and you can get a natural double eyelids!


- Resistant to sweat and water to keep double eyelids effect stay longer.
- Easily removes with water-soaked cotton.
- Unnoticeable as it does not shine and is transparent.
- Include ingredients that moisture your eyelids.
- You can wear makeup even when applying the formula.

Rubber latex, water, amonium styrene/Acrylates copolymer, butylene glycol, methylparaben, xanthan gum, tetrasodium edta, glycyrrhetinic acid, perfume, PEG/PPG-150/35 Copolymer, chamomilla recutta (matricaria) extract, hamamelis virginlana (white hazel) extract.




Eye Putti Double Eyelid Glue contains Chamomile Extract which moisturizes the skin around the eye area. Resistant to water, sebum, and sweat. Quick drying.

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