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With Warm Gel For Eyes. Developed for white oily dead cells on eyes Extra care on the delicate skin around eyes with soft fiber stick. Oily skin tags on eyes are also an issue for some people. Comparing to them on the neck, it is more oily and more noticeable.



Remove unwanted milia (cysts) on neck. For night use only. Apply to stubborn areas of skin at night and peel off easily the next morning!
46 kinds of Japanese & Chinese plant extract penetrates deep into skin—resulting in clear smooth skin. For stubborn dirt and skin around neck and bust areas.
Cover your skin with cream and its ingredients will penetrate while you sleep.
Simply peel off when you wake up! Use every day for gradual care. (Effects will vary from person to person.)


Tsubuporon special care gel from Liberta Japan easily removes skin tags with a silicon peeling brush. Containing Japanese herbal extracts such as Coix Extract, Adlay & Hyaluronic Acid. Penetrates deep into skin and extracts dead skin and keratin—while keeping skin moisturized

Peeling off physically by brushing + softening dead cells with peeling gel. Tsubuporon stick makes it easy to rub and remove the skin tags with a silicon peeling brush. It contains Japanese herbal extracts such as Coix extract (Yokuinin), Adlay (Hatomugi) extract and salicylic acid. The salicylic acid makes skin tags softer, and traditional herbal extracts works for penetrating into the keratin grain deeply. It also contains beauty components such as ceramide and hyaluronic acid. 


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