[BUNDLE] FINE Organic Pearl Coix Extract + FINE Hyaluron & Collagen White (Refill Pack)

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Fine Organic Pearl Coix Extract Powder 100% is currently one of the best sellers for over 40 years. The adlay candy was developed by FINE JAPAN in 1975, and has been evaluated as a pioneer. The Pearl Coix Extract Powder 100% was carefully developed and tested over a 5 year period.

The organic adlay goes through a meticulous selection process and is a very rare material grown in Hunan (China) that is said to be the origin of adlay. This product contains 100% pure organic extract without any auxiliary material.

This premium pearl coix extract powder is manufactured by our original formula that eliminates the hard shell and uses materials concentrated with low molecular weight by enzymatic hydrolysis in order for consumers to absorb more easily.

FINE 100% Organic Pearl Coix Extract has been one of the best sellers in Japan for over 40 years. Our 100% Pure Organic Pearl Coix Extract reduces melanin and brightens your skin naturally. Proven in ancient Chinese medicinal studies–Pearl coix helps in eliminating water retention, treating skin diseases like acne and swellings. 


  • Take 2~4 spoons of it directly.
  • Goes well with coffee, tea, milk or other favourite beverages.


Organic Pearl Coix Extract (Coix lacryma-jobi var. ma-yuen)


Fine Hyaluron White Collagen Landing Page

Specially formulated with Malaysians in mind. Containing fish collagen peptide—without a fishy smell or taste thanks to its Peach flavour. Perfect lactose-free mix to combat dry skin, lines, sagging, pores, pigmentation and many more. Anti-ageing and brightening properties.

Realising the issues many Malaysians faced with collagen, like overpowering fishy taste or just being lactose intolerant, Cason Group worked closely with FINE Japan's R&D team to concoct the perfect collagen peptide formula suited for Malaysians. Addition of L-Cysteine ingredient works perfectly to protect and repair our skin from the harmful UV rays which are more prevalent in our region.


Take 1 spoonful(8g) as it is or mix it with your beverage of choice daily as a healthy food supplement.


Fish Collagen Peptide, Erythritol, Sugar cane extract/V.C, Flavor, Sweetener( Trehalose, Aspartame・L-phenylalanine compound, Sucralose) L- cystine, Hyaluronic acid, Haematococcus algae pigments

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