Lunart Detergent For Lingerie [2 Types To Choose]

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Lunart is a special detergent used to delicately remove menstrual stains on underwear and clothes.

  • Powerful washing agent with a decomposing enzyme formulation to break down blood stains!
  • Gentle & neutral formula
  • Suitable for old blood stains


  • Put 10 ml of this product in 500 ml of cold water (or lukewarm water), and mix well.
  • After 20 minutes, please wash with a washing machine or by hand without rinsing.
  • If stains are particularly difficult to remove, you can increase the amount of the product used and/or the washing time.
  • When clothing is contaminated with blood, it is very easy for it to solidify, so please do not use hot water above 40 ℃.

surfactant (35% Polyoxyalkylene alkyl ether, linear alkylbenzene sulfonate), enzyme, stabilizer, softener, deodorant

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