Fine Superfood Rice Milk X Enzyme 150G (EXP: 02/2020)

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Rice milk as the third plant-derived milk following the almond and soy, has been ranked the fourth hit product of Nikkei Trendy 2015.

Rice Milk is believed to have high potential demand as the background that rice is the Japanese staple food.

However, the mainstream of rice milk product in the current market is a mostly liquid type with overseas raw materials.

FINE’s「Rice Milk X Enzyme」is using alpha-modified brown rice

powder from

brown rice produced in Niigata Prefecture.

  • pursue storage stability, powder type product from well-chosen materials

  • using brown rice produced in Niigata Prefecture, brand salt from Okinawa, beet sugar from Hokkaido

  • not using allergy 7 items of specific raw materials、cholesterol 0、trans fatty acid 0, gluten free

  • blending concentrated plant enzyme as beauty support.


  • Add 7.5g (1 cup attached spoon) of this product into a 100ml cup of water, stir it immediately and enjoy.

  • According to personal preference, you could add cinnamon and cocoa to make it more delicious.

  • As an alternative to dairy products, you can also use it when cooking dishes. 

How To store:
Avoid high-temperatures, humidity and direct sun rays, and store in cool and dark place.

Best If Used:
Within 24 months (in sealed condition)

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