Fine Super Food Smooth C 200G (EXP: 07/2020)

RM87.90 RM43.95

Superfood is known as a kind of food mainly from vegetable which contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll. This smoothie product contains not only 5 kinds of superfood (acai, FINE’s maqui berry, maca, chia seed, cacao), but is also blended with 16 kinds of grains, and vitamin C that gives you every drop of nutrition and satisfaction in a cup for breakfast!


Add 10g (light 1cup of attached spoon) of it into 100ml of water in a large cup, and stir it. Take 1 cup per day as nutrient-rich food. It could also be mixed with milk, soy milk, or other beverages. In this case, the product might be sticky or solidified depending on the beverages. 

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