[ 50% OFF ] Ettang Take Out Mini Cup Pack ' 4 cups

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Skin CareSkin CareA packaged mask pack that you can pick according to your skin condition. With single-use packaging and a brush that comes with, skin care is available at anywhere easily and conveniently. A peel-off pack, which contains Gold (Platinum) that helps blood circulation and improves tone, and the white color foods, makes skin clean and radiant.

  • Gold: revitalized and elastic skin / improves skin resilience/ nutrition supply
  • White: clear and translucent skin / refines skin texture / brightens skin tone


By using a brush, apply a very thin and even layer on a face avoiding eye and lip area. After 15-20 minutes,

peel it off from the top to the bottom when the mask pack dries. (Clean the brush and reuse it next time)


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