Botanical White Sunscreen Supplement 9G (300MG x 30 Tablets)


A sunscreen supplement that protects your skin from the sun and leads you to fairer luminous skin!. Botanical White Sunscreen Supplement is a whole new solution for sun protection and whitening. It is so easy! Just take 2 pieces a day and that's all. By taking Botanical White Sunscreen Supplement you don’t have to worry about sunscreen creams coming off or re-applying it from time to time. Your skin will get 24/7 protection against UV ray and whitens from within! Packed with Vitamin C, antioxidant, and botanical ingredients.

Take 2~3 tablets a day with water.

Read the ingredients and if you have allergy to any of the ingredients do not consume.●Expecting mothers, breast feeding mothers and those under disease treatment should ask advice to the doctor before consuming.●On rare occasion, the product may not suite ones health condition. Carefully read the descriptions and consume it by following the directions.●Stop consuming if the product does not suit your health condition.●Due to the natural ingredients, the color, smell and appearance of the product may differ for different package, but it does not affect the quality and safety of the product.

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