How To Spot Fake Pitta Mask

3 Ways To Spot Fake Pitta Mask

Due to its popularity, fake pitta masks have flooded the Malaysian market—even appearing in reputable malls and retailers around Klang Valley! Whoever is behind it, is doing a brilliant job. 

I had to find out how to differentiate them so I bought a pack of fake and original pitta mask kids and worked it out. Let me show you the easiest ways to tell a fake from the original.


1. Packaging

Top front fake and original pitta mask

Starting from the top, a perforated line is visible only on the original


Front bottom half of fake and original pitta mask

At the bottom, you'll find a slightly different side view image on the packaging which can be a bit hard to tell (only recommended for trained eyes). Easier way would be to look at the bottom right where the uvcut logo is different and on the original one, you'll see a JHPIA logo


Back view of fake and original pitta mask packaging

Turn it over and you'll find a distributor label on the original package

2. Insides

 Inside packaging of fake and original pitta mask

Now if you've opened them and find pitta mask watermarks on the individual packs—pat yourself on the back, you didn't get scammed. If there's no watermark, time to start lodging that complain.

(Disclaimer: this only applies to new pitta mask packaging-Aug20)



3. Lot Number


Bottom back view of original pitta mask

Ok, now there's also a chance of parallel imports that might not have distributor labels—so I'll cover that here. Notice that 6 alphanumeric code at the bottom of the back? This is called a lot number and also confirms that it's an original. SO if you don't see any, RESIST the temptation to pick it up—whatever the price.

So there you go, now you can go tell your friends and family how to spot a fake pitta mask. Here's where you can definitely get a LEGIT one


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