Does Relieving Vaginal Dryness Help?

Ride the Ocean with Luve Jelly | written by Tan Hui Xian

The pandemic has caused most of us to spend our time locking ourselves away at home, which leads to free time learning and picking up new skills. While some are doing that, some have more sexy time in the bedroom (olala~).  

Yes, let’s talk about this taboo topic that our parents dread, friends shy away from and maybe even not discussed among partners because y’all just go straight into the topic (or vagina, don’t be a barbarian please). 

In a survey done by the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, one out of ten British women experience some kind of pain during intercourse. Nearly 75% of American women experienced painful intercourse according to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Painful intercourse affects the experience and dampens the interest. This makes you wonder, what has gone wrong? 

It may not be as complicated as we think, it’s WETNESS


Come on now, we all know that for a pleasurable experience for both men and women, there needs to be a certain amount of moisture. Painful intercourse reportedly causes mistrusts among partners and ultimately leads to less sexy time, uncomfortable conversations and sometimes even snowballing to fights. Worst case scenario, the friction can cause injuries which leads to inflammation or infection! It’s a nightmare, really. 

But, how wet or rather how to get wet? You see, every body or V is built differently. Some V may be generally a little bit moist but some may be drier. Some V might be drier because of various reasons, for example hormonal imbalance due to postpartum, stress, and menopause etc. 

While we cannot control factors such as hormonal imbalance, we can control the mood. Words of affection, physical touch, creating romantic ambience or even “educational” videos *wink* can be done or viewed before you go-go.  

Still dry? Do not fret bestie, sometimes it happens! We live in the 21st century, where there are so many options and ways! Ever heard of lubricant? If his ego is somehow hurt by you suggesting this then too bad for him, we have no room for toxic masculinity here.

Preach Astrid! 

Check out Luve Jelly by Jex Japan. Luve Jelly is the first water-soluble lubricating gel made for women in Japan developed by request from the Japan Family Planning Association. The product has been recommended by many obstetricians and gynecologists since its launch, and has been sold in hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, drug stores all over Japan. Comes in two sizes, 4-in-1 packaging is perfect for those that are always on-the-go or just want to try out a new lubricant. If you have decided to switch to Luve Jelly, you can opt for the 110g instead. 


Luve Jelly doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients like artificial fragrance, colourant, and sodium polyacrylate that will affect your natural moisture secretion nor throw off your pH levels. Since it is water based, it is safe to be used with condoms and toys, plus it’s easy to wash off! 

Here’s what some lube advocates have to say about Luve Jelly 

*some reviews may be edited for clarity and brevity*

So bestie, go live your life to the fullest! Embrace the ocean! Get yours here


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